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Our boards are made in our own factory in Quebec, Canada.

The family business started 50 years ago.

We can send you samples for mass orders within 48 hours. In the process of custom orders, the sample will be ship within 5 business days after pricing/delays agreement. 

The solid wooden boards sold and produced by WHB are designed to last for years. We recommend oiling the board approximately 2-4 times per month, depending on how often the board is used.

Don'ts/Habits to Avoid
• Do not always cut in the same place on the board
• Do not drop any kind of hot substance or liquid on the surface
• Do not put in the dishwasher
• Do not leave in the sun
• Do not soak in water
• Keep away from moisture 

Steps to clean the board
1. Clean the board using a cloth/sponge with a small amount of dish soap
2. Wipe the board and let it dry

Steps to oil the board
1. Make sure your board is clean and dry
2. Apply a generous amount of oil using a cloth/sponge
3. Wipe off excess and let dry


For the order to be validated, the customer must pay 50% of his order. Once the date of delivery is confirmed, an e-mail willl be sent to the client to inform him of the tracking number. Photos of the order will also be sent. The payment of the balance must be paid to make the delivery.



Orders under 60 units: Every order under 60 units ships within 24 hours. 

Orders over 60 units: We usually ship within 72 hours. Delays may vary depending on time of the year & quantity

Custom orders: Depending on quantity, we usually ship custom orders within 20-25 business days.


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